Changes to app pricing

For about 5 years I have offered all my apps for FREE, for pilots and aviation enthusiasts to enjoy. This was very much a labour of love and a hobby. The apps have enjoyed over 50,000 downloads, more than I would have ever expected, with many 5 star reviews within the App Store.

As times move forward, and the apps begin to become more sophisticated and hosting costs become more expensive, many different approaches have been considered to cover the cost of the development and maintenance of the apps. I have chosen to stay away from an advertising model, and a decision has been made to introduce a small one-time fee starting at £0.99.

This will help cover the following ongoing costs:

  • Annual membership fee of the app store
  • Annual hosting fees for web-services
  • Development costs

All the apps will have a one-time fee, and all future updates for them will of course still be free. I will also push out more updates with new features to the apps. Your support is greatly appreciated, and there will of course be opportunities throughout the year when the app pricing will drop to FREE as part of promotional offers.

Many thanks for your support ❤️!

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